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Philosophy of Transformation

Trauma is everywhere. It is something that we are all exposed to at one time or another, either through a divorce, loss of a loved one, a car accident, a suicide of a friend or loved one, chronic illness, childhood issues, and the list goes on. We hear about PTSD a lot these days, and when we do, we immediately think of a soldier in the military that has returned with trauma and that trauma is making it impossible to live a normal life. However, the number one cause of PTSD is not exposure to war. The number one cause of PTSD is a car accident. A car accident! We live in a world that almost daily has either a natural disaster or one caused by human error, stupidity or misguided actions. So, trauma is everywhere. Our present is inundated by it.

But what about past trauma? The one handed down from generation to generation. The fears and phobias of our ancestors that never were resolved and have been passed through the DNA. How many times do we say to ourselves: “Happiness is not in the cards for me! – No one in my family is financially successful! – In our family we only attract the bad guys! – I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA! “. I am here to tell you that we can heal our traumas! Yes! Our childhood traumas, our ancestral traumas, our present traumas. Let me help you dig up the tools you already have and heal your life. Whether through Yoga Healing Practices or Clinical Hypnotherapy or a combination of the two, I can show you how I have been on a healing path for the past few years and how I have ultimately healed myself. I work on my healing everyday of my life and will continue until I am no longer part of this earthly existence.

Someone once told me that when you heal your present life, the healing goes back 7 generations before you and 7 generations into the future.


I am making that goal, my biggest mission in Life!

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