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Use the power of your subconscious mind to breakthrough negative patterns of thought and behavior.

Guided Imagery is a technique that uses Hypnotherapy as a tool to

 re-frame past traumatic events, restructuring the brain by suggesting positive thoughts and behavior patterns that the subconscious mind will eventually adopt and produce a true transformation in life.

Each session is customized to your specific needs and may include such techniques as age regression, subconscious intervention and or guided meditation.

Check out our FAQ section for questions / information.

what can it help

Here are some of the issues that can be addressed during Clinical Hypnotherapy:

1. Weight loss / Management

2. Smoking cessation

3. Insomnia

4. Anxiety/depression

5. Pain management

6. Trauma release and reframing

7. Childhood issues

8. Spiritual Guidance/Discovery

9. Past-Life Regression


Age Regression Technique

Taking you back to a past traumatic event using hypnosis in order to reframe it.

Subconscious intervention

Helping your subconscious mind to identify negative patters of thought and behavior and replace them with positive and life changing ones.

Guided Imagery 

Suggestions given to someone while in a relaxed state of mind that aid in imagining certain scenarios, feelings and sensations in bringing about a desired outcome or goal, as set by the client. Guided imagery, unlike visualizations, uses all 5 of the senses allowing the client to have a very lifelike experience, capable of producing positive results.



An altered state of consciousness which results in an increased receptiveness and response to suggestion.while associated with relaxation, hypnosis is actually an escape from an overloading of messages an thoughts in the conscious mind that brings about relaxation. You go in and out of hypnosis several times throughout your day, such as when you are driving somewhere and find yourself at your destination without really remembering how you got there.


Subconscious mind

The 88% of our mind that is mostly below the level of our awareness. The part of our mind responsible for reflexive action, ideomotor responses, and contains the positive and negative associations we have made throughout our life.


Conscious mind

The 12% of our mind of which we are most aware. The part responsible for logic, reasoning, decision-making and will power.

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