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Generational Healing

What Family Inheritance are you claiming?

What is your inheritance? Gold, Silver, properties? That is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of inheriting something. But what of the DNA inheritance? Did you know that you can inherit all kinds of traits from your ancestors and not all of them are good?

Of course, we are all aware of genetic disposition where it comes to the physical body. ie: “diabetes or heart disease run in my family.” – “Alcoholism and addiction run in my family.”

What about behaviors? Can you inherit fears and misconceptions? False beliefs and self-sabotage? Has anyone ever told you that you have grandmas temper? That your family is just not good at relationships? That your family is always going to barely get by, since it has been the case for generations?

You do not have to continue your family’s “Life Sentence”! By using a combination of Life-Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques I can help you break the pattern of those not so positive inheritances. Live the Life you dream of! Find the inner peace that you so desperately seek! Break the cycle and free your ancestors from what binds them and improve the quality of your children and your children’s children. Native Americans believe that when you heal yourself, you also heal 7 generations before you and 7 generations after you!


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