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About Laney


Laney Canejo is a mother, a yoga instructor and a transformational coach. Through her own experiences with trauma, pain, chronic illness and depression, she is passionate about empowering those who feel like they were dealt a “bad hand” in their lives. After a breakdown of her own, Laney found solace in attending the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where she has found purpose for her own suffering, which has awakened her to her mission to “Heal the world, on person at a time.”

Laney believes that each one of us comes to this life equipped with the tools necessary to live physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling lives. Then LIFE happens and we forget who we truly are: Children of a Divine Being who stands ready to guide and assist us through this Journey, if we just listen. Laney’s Christian faith plays a remarkable role in her practice, as she aspires to help others on their own Spiritual paths.

Authentic to a fault – a skill she finally learned herself – Laney is dedicated and passionate about helping her clients heal from within, where she believes, all the answers lie. Her acute Intuition together with her Faith, allow her to aid in the transformation within others which in turn, gives Laney a sense of purpose and healing in her own life.

Laney loves to travel all over the world taking her message of self-love and fulfillment where she offers workshops and motivational speaking events to large and small groups of individuals. Her love of languages and different ethnicities and cultures, only enhance her resolve in her cause of healing the world one person at a time.

In her free time, Laney loves being a mother which she claims to be her first calling in life. She also enjoys working in her garden, loves trees, flowers, birds, and anything that reminds her of Creation. She loves a good movie every now and then, and spending time with her other children, her beloved dogs.

laney's credentials

Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Holistic Health Care
  • Mind/Body Transformational Psychology

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy / Guided Imagery

  • Life Coaching


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