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Yoga for young children

A Yoga Practice, when introduced to young children, has the potential of improving their overall wellbeing, as well as that of their family and their community, by introducing them to the cornerstone values of yoga which are: non-harming, mindfulness, truthfulness, moderation, cleanliness, gratitude and self-discipline.

According to “Parents Magazine”, children of all ages encounter emotional, social and physical challenges and/or conflicts. By teaching them breathing techniques, some physical postures and establishing behavioral guidelines, there is a greater chance for appropriate processing and understanding of crisis’ and conflicts and less “acting out” and/or isolation.

There are many advantages to introducing Yoga to younger children, as it, unlike other physical activities, “encourages a non – competitive environment among their peers and its proven to improve coordination, concentration, alleviates stress, increases confidence, among others”. – FlyKids Yoga in South Lake Texas.

One major plus to Yoga, is that it does not require any special equipment or clothing. It can be done in regular comfortable clothing, including pajamas. There are games and books*, geared towards small children, that introduce yoga poses in fun and safe ways. These can be done at home with parents and caregivers, either individually or with friends and siblings.

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