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Spring cleaning for the Soul

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Spring has sprung! The tulips and crocus are poking through the frozen ground letting the world know that life has won over the dead of winter. The air is crisp and clean and new. The birds are heard once again chirping atop of trees where the knobby branches, covered in small buds, sway happily in the gentle breeze. It is the Season of Rebirth and Renewal! The long-awaited resurrection of Nature and Man.

Depending on where you live, Spring can be very dramatic and stark. Nature has gone dormant for a season, making us feel at times, that winter will never end and that life will never be the same again. The naked trees, the seemingly dead grass, the quiet woods. Year after year, the process repeats itself. Yet, every Spring, we seem surprised by the dramatic change. And just as birds gather materials to make their nests to welcome new life, we too gather materials to clean our nests and breathe new life into our surroundings.

What of the Soul? How do we refresh the very source of our earthly existence? Here are some tips on how to properly cleanse and renew yourself from the inside out:

1. Let it go! Identify the thoughts and habits that no longer serve you. If you find a thought or perhaps a belief that has not served you in the past, throw it out! Replace old beliefs with new constructive ones, that inspire you to become your best self. Pay attention to the way you talk to yourself.

2. Create a new Mantra or affirmation and repeat it to yourself several times a day – Per the Chopra Center, “ Daily affirmations not only help keep you surrounded by the things you want in your life but they help bring about more blessings and gifts .”

3. Keep a Gratitude Journal or create a Gratitude Board – If journaling is not your thing, no worries! Gather up pictures and words and put them on a vision board or even on your mirror to help remind you of the great and many things you are already being blessed with.

4. Discover the power of I AM – I AM a child of God! I AM of Divine worth! I AM loved! I AM loving! I AM enough! I AM worthy! I AM getting better every day and in every way!

5. Be gentle with yourself. We tend to exercise such patience with friends and loved ones, yet we are so demanding and critical of ourselves. It’s OK to make mistakes and fall back into old patterns of thought and action. Just don’t stay down long. Get back up, forgive yourself for being Human and hop back on to your new journey.

So, go ahead and spring into a new and better version of yourself this Spring!

Clean out the cob webs, and dust off your stuff and take out the trash. Let the Rebirth begin...

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