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   Transform Your Life


Each person experiences and deals with trauma differently. 

Trauma due to a car accident, or divorce, or passing of a loved one, chronic illness or sexual abuse. 

If not handled right, we stand to pass down this trauma for 7 generations!

I am here to tell you that we can heal our traumas! Yes! Our childhood traumas, our ancestral traumas, our present traumas. Let me help you work through the tools you already have and heal your life. Whether through Yoga Healing Practices or Clinical Hypnotherapy or a combination of the two, I can show you how how you can transform your life and live powerfully! 

Healing Space

Welcome to this space.


A safe space.

A healing space.

A space of non-judgement.


A space where you can get reacquainted with the best parts of you and discover that true love, begins inside of you.

Learning to love oneself, is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” - Oscar Wilde

Supporting you in your Transformation


My Healing Journey

Laney Canejo - Mother * Wife * Clinical Hypnotherapist * Life-Coach


Through her own experiences with trauma, pain, chronic illness and depression, she is passionate about empowering those who feel like they were dealt a “bad hand” in their lives. 

Authentic to a fault – a skill she finally learned herself – Laney is dedicated and passionate about helping her clients heal from within, where she believes, all the answers lie. Her acute Intuition together with her Faith, allow her to aid in the transformation within others which in turn, gives Laney a sense of purpose and healing in her own life.

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